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Celebrating Disney+ Day at Disneyland Resort

Blue circular carpet with Disney+ Day written on the carpet

It's September 8, which means today is Disney+ Day! So it's time to "Make It Blue"!

What is Disney+ Day?

If you didn't know what it was until this year, don't worry, neither did I! Disney+ Day started in 2021 (albeit it was November 12, 2021) and was created to celebrate all of the content created and released on Disney's streaming platforms, most notably Disney+.

Typically on this day, Disney+ announces new films and shows that are slated for release, and this year's celebration comes with the release of their live-action Pinocchio film!

Celebrating at Disneyland Resort

If you're lucky enough to be near the parks today, be sure to swing on by!

There are a number of fun Disney+ related celebratory activities and foods to enjoy, even if you don't have a park ticket and reservation.

Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure

Early Entry

At both parks, they were offering early entry to all Disney+ subscribers and their parties at 7:30am. I arrived with my group around 7:15 and we were let in without delays without having our subscriptions confirmed. So really, it was just an early park day for everyone! (Nice, but I also like the exclusivity, you know?)


Lots of cute freebies to snag today!

At the entrance they have Disney+ Day buttons for each person.

Dark blue button with Disney+ Day written on the button

Then as you're making your way into Main Street there are tables set up with plenty of cast members handing out adorable Disney+ Day ear hats! I entered through Disneyland today, but walking by DCA I noticed the same tables stationed at the entrance to Buena Vista Street.

Disney+ Ear hat with embroidery and plus signs on the ears

Finally they have the most adorable blue Mickey balloons! These are only being given away to children 10 years old and younger though.

Light blue Mickey balloons

Photo Ops

In Disneyland, there's a Pinocchio photo op set up right at the corner of Town Square where the characters usually come out from. This is located next to The Mad Hatter.

It's a cute photo op spot with little to no lines; it's a bit hidden so don't miss it!

At the Walt & Mickey statue in front of the castle a cast member is stationed there taking Photopass photos. They have a Disney+ Day sign that you can grab a photo with as well!

Disney+ Day sign with Walt & Mickey statue and Sleeping Beauty castle in the background


If you're here for the commemorative food, grab a blue dusted churro at the churro cart located in front of the castle or in Tomorrowland! And if you're in DCA visit the churro carts either at Buena Vista Street (Willie's Churro's) or Grizzly Peak!

Downtown Disney


There are some fun blue cocktails to enjoy at different establishments at Downtown Disney like Uva Bar & Cafe, Naples, and Tortilla Jo's.

If you're in Downtown Disney, you might also stumble upon some cute chalk art to commemorate the day as well!

Photo Op

Last but certainly not least, don't miss the Blue Carpet! At last year's Disney+ Day the blue carpet was located inside Disneyland, but this time it's set up right outside the Esplanade, so everyone can enjoy it! It's a cute little circular setup and perfect for a photo opportunity on the blue carpet! Plenty of people just walk on by it, so grab a photo while the crowds are low!

View of Disney+ Day blue carpet

How will you be celebrating Disney+ Day today?


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