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Happy Father's Day

Did it hurt when you lost me?

Did you even care?

Because it broke me, you see.

And that’s just not fair

To be faced with a relationship I couldn’t repair

Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me,

To remember how we used to be?

Each laugh a lie,

One step closer to goodbye

As every knot that bonded us began to untie.

When did my love for you

Turn into fear?

Relentless anxiety

Whenever you’re near.

A fear full of disdain

Caused by all the pain

On my heart like a stain

Whose vigor won’t wane

And there’s nothing you could say

That could make this agony go away

Not that you would, anyway.

I wish I could hurt you

The way you hurt me

So you could know what I’ve been through

While you’re living free

But at the end of the day,

That’s not the way

To get you to stay.

So all I can say

Is Happy Father’s Day.


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