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Let me provide some clarity

About equity and the disparity

And the lack of solidarity

That stands between “you” and “me”

And “we”

When you stand by

And watch others die

From rules that you think don’t apply

Because you comply

You’re complicit

When you shake your head

At those who have shed

The guise of the unsaid

As they march ahead

Head first into the wreck

They break their necks,


To fight for the rights

Of the likes

Of us

You’re complicit

When you skim the headlines

But don’t think with your mind

About the kind

Of tales being consigned,

Of worlds being redefined

You’re blind

When you demonize

The other side

Because you let your pride

Divide us

You cast aside

A world that’s wider,

And brighter, and better

That “other” woman, or child, or man you see

Is not your enemy

Contrary to what those in power might have you believe

They are a person, a human, who wants to be free

Free from hate, free from hunger

Really, sometimes it makes you wonder

If we took some of that energy

That we pour into “me, me, me”

And we filled someone else’s cup by even just a small degree

How much better off might we be?

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