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Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums

Thanks to nice people at Pixar and Disneyland, we now have the pleasure of baking the Jack Jack Cookie Num Num recipe in the comfort of our own homes! I’m definitely still going to buy these delicious ooey gooey cookies at the parks when I’m there, but it was a lot of fun trying my hand at making them myself! I’ve provided the recipe below for ease of viewing, and I didn’t make adjustments this time around (okay, maybe I reduced the sugar by a little bit).

The Ingredients

We always start off by gathering our ingredients! Since I typically like to reduce the ingredients by half so that I can make a smaller, more manageable batch, I had to get half an egg and half a yolk. To do this more easily, whisk the egg or the yolk first so that it’s easier to pour out half the volume.

The Baking Process

I think the secret to this recipe that makes Num Nums soooo yummy is the browning of the butter step! I’d never done this before and didn’t really know it was a thing until this recipe, so that I was interested to see what would become of it. I kept the heat very low so that the heated oil wouldn’t splatter, but that did cause it to take longer to brown. You’ll also notice, if you’ve never browned butter before, that chunks start to form from the leftover milk solids as the liquid evaporates. The aroma from the butter will also start to smell more nutty, which will really enhance the flavor of your cookies! Because the butter can burn, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t overcook it, so in the interest of making sure I didn’t burn it I took it off the stove while it was still a yellow-ish brown. I definitely could have browned it longer though.

After you’ve browned your butter and allowed it to cool, you’ll cream it with the sugars and salt. Like I mentioned, I reduced the amount of sugar in the recipe by a little bit. In this case, I reduced the brown sugar by ⅛ cup (mostly because I was just too lazy to measure it out) and the white sugar by just a couple of spoons. I find that because brown sugar generally doesn’t contribute strongly to the “sweetness” of a recipe, reducing more brown sugar will mainly affect color rather than taste, and even then not by much so there’s really no harm in reducing it a bit. Mix in the rest of your ingredients, and once you’ve got your cookie dough, add your chocolate chips of choice! I like to use semi-sweet chocolate chips, but milk chocolate is just as yummy!

I was being pretty impatient because I just wanted to try these cookies already, so I didn’t actually chill the cookie dough for at least an hour; I waited more like 20 minutes before baking them. I also wanted them to look like the Cookie Num Nums from DCA so I put them into cupcake liners instead of just making them as traditional cookies. To make the cupcake liners look like the cookie num nums' liners, you can flatten the edges along the base so that you have a larger bottom and shorter edges.

Now that all the cookies are prepped, they’re ready for the oven! I love how you can just smell the chocolate-y goodness as they bake! I ended up baking them for more like 15 or so minutes in the oven because they were still a little underbaked by 10 minutes, but the exact time it’ll take can vary!

The Results

Remember to let them cool a bit before you dig in! I know, resisting can be hard!

When these delicious cookies came out of the oven they were piping hot and still slightly soft in the center (which is just how I like them!) Like I mentioned earlier, the browned butter makes such a difference in the flavor! The cookies were so fragrant and had that slightly nutty hint that you can smell when you brown the butter and that really makes the cookie dough. And of course, when the chocolate chips are nice and melted, it just makes the experience all the more heavenly!

I really loved these cookies and would definitely love to make them again. They taste just like the cookies that you can get at the parks and the steps to follow are really simple!

And there you have it! These sure are some incredible cookies!


Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums


ºoº 1 stick butter

ºoº 1/2 cup brown sugar

ºoº 1/8 cup granulated sugar

ºoº 1/2 egg

ºoº 1/2 yolk

ºoº 1/2 tsp salt

ºoº 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

ºoº 1/2 tsp baking soda

ºoº 1 1/8 cup flour

ºoº 1/2 chocolate chips (or however much you like!)


1. Brown the butter

2. Cream the butter with both sugars and salt

3. Mix in the egg, yolk and vanilla

4. Add in the flour and baking soda

5. Fold in the chocolate chips

6. Separate the dough (in balls if making cookies, into liners if making deep dish num nums)

7. Chill (recommended at least an hour or overnight)

8. Bake at 350F for 7-10 minutes until the edges are browned and the center is still soft


ºoº Browning the butter can take roughly 20-30 minutes depending on how high your stove heat is and how brown you want your butter

ºoº Like I mentioned, I only chilled the dough for about 20 minutes and they still turned out great, so if you're in a rush rest assured the cookies will still come out yummy!


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