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Quote of the Week: "May the Force Be With You"

I thought it might be nice to start a weekly series of fun and inspiring quotes to begin our week and recalibrate our mindset!

And because today is none other than May 4th, it only seemed fitting that this week’s quote features one of our favorite lines in the Star Wars franchise: May the Force (Fourth) Be With You

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get into the Star Wars universe until fairly recently. I never saw Star Wars as a kid, then decided to binge all six (at the time) movies when I was in high school in one sitting. So you can imagine that I probably lost focus about halfway into the second or third movie because they are preeetttyy long and dense stories. I wasn’t fully invested jumping in so that could have also impacted my attention span. BUT I recently rewatched all eight (now!) of the movies again thanks to Disney+ and actually focused this time, and boy is this story way more intricate than I thought!

But what I love about Star Wars is that even if you’re not an avid Star Wars fan, there’s no escaping at least some level of knowledge about The Force! I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the concept of “The Force” as this mysterious kind of energy that surrounds all of us and manifests itself in different ways. And while I don’t love that people have the ability to wield this type of power for bad, the fact that the force has two sides feels very analogous to all things and all people, because outcomes can be drastically different depending on which side we’re impartial to.

As we enter our second full month of shelter-in-place orders, I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy with your families and loved ones! Our situation continues to feel dire and normalcy feels really out of reach at the moment, but the force is on your side!

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