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Paris Holds the Key to My Heart Part 5: Food Tour Time Round 2

It’s time for our second installment of Paris Food Tour Time! Today I’ll be discussing a couple more restaurants and sandwich shops that I visited on my trip to Paris! Bon appetit!

Shiso Burger


Shiso Burger is an Asian fusion restaurant that specializes in adding an Asian twist to the traditional burgers and fries. Located on the same block as the Notre Dame Cathedral, this restaurant is right across the street from the subway station exit, so it’s super easy and convenient to get to. On the other hand, this block of Saint-Michel is full of pickpockets, so beware. It was a rainy day, and as we were leaving the station and crossing the street one such pickpocket made his way under my umbrella and got extremely close to me, trying to talk to me while his partner attempted the same to my sister. I quickly maneuvered my umbrella away from him and made a bit of a scene in order to ward him off. Most of my pickpocket encounters actually happened in this general area, so this is something to definitely be aware of.

My sister and I came here after we completed our runDisney half-marathon and were in need of a hearty and filling meal. We got here in the late afternoon so while the restaurant itself was still pretty busy, we didn’t wait very long to get seated, but I can see the wait being pretty lengthy if you visit during peak hours. The restaurant is a pretty tight space, so be prepared to get comfy with your table neighbors!

While my sister was craving a classic American cheeseburger, I opted for the Shiso Burger specialty: the shiso burger! We ended up sharing both burgers so we could each try both of the options and got an order of homemade fries to share. One of the things I loved most about these burgers were that the buns on this burger weren’t the traditional bread burger buns, but were actually bao buns, so that added a light and fluffy and very subtly sweet flavor each burger.

The fries were warm and crispy on the outside but nice and soft on the inside and weren’t too greasy, which I thoroughly enjoyed! The fries come with ketchup and mayo, which are delicious with the fries both separately and mixed together!

I absolutely loved the shiso burger. The marinated tuna patty was flavorful and moist and went so well with the flavor of the shiso leaf. The burger also had a chili mayo sauce that added a nice spicy kick to it.

And as far as classic cheeseburgers go, Shiso Burger makes an excellent one. The patty was so flavorful and juicy with nice and simple toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions to make this a very tasty and yummy burger!

So overall, Shiso Burger was a big win! The burgers were so delicious and really satisfied our cravings! Each burger was somewhere around $12-$15 and the fries were $4-$6 depending on the size. In terms of price, this meal was not necessarily budget-friendly if you’re looking for cheap eats, but it is definitely worth the price!

Pho Banh Cuon 14


After pretty much a full week in Paris filling up on baguettes, croissants, and all kinds of meats and carbs, we were in for a major Vietnamese food kick! Lucky for us, the 13th arrondissement in Paris is the heart of the Vietnamese community in Paris.

So after a busy, long, and coold and rainy day spent walking the grounds of Versailles, we headed to the 13th arrondissement and ate at one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in the area, Pho Banh Cuon 14.

This restaurant is a very no-frills place, which is very typical of most Vietnamese restaurants in the US, so we felt right at home! We were seated right away as the restaurant wasn’t too busy yet since we got there before peak dinner time.

We each got our own order of banh cuon (we were hungry) and got one chicken pho and one rare steak pho to share.

The broth of both of the pho dishes were amazing. It was so flavorful, but not overpowering, and just filled us with so much warmth after a full day being out in the cold. The noodles were tender and the meats were well cooked and tasty. I personally preferred the chicken pho to the steak pho because I think the chicken flavor made the broth taste even better!

Now for the banh cuon. Phenomenal. I don’t know if it was the weather, the exhaustion (we were on Day 6 of our Paris trip and we walked an average of about 15 miles a day on top of our half-marathon), the craving of homestyle Vietnamese food, or if it really was that good, but the banh cuon was just so delicious. The rice noodles were soft, the meat was flavorful, and the fish sauce was tasty with just a bit of a spicy kick.

And for dessert, we shared one of the restaurant’s homemade desserts, the three colored drink. This dessert contains coconut milk, agar agar jellies, tapioca, and mung beans.

And to top it all off, this meal was actually super affordable! The pho dishes were around $10 for the smaller size and the banh cuon dishes were less than $10 each. For the amount of food that you get and the quality of the food, this was a really great price and really great meal!

Eric Kayser


Eric Kayser is a boulangerie in Paris with many locations all over the city (and all over the world). From cakes and pastries to baguettes and quiches, they offer an expansive amount of different food items both sweet and savory, so whatever your taste may be you’re likely to find something here that you might enjoy!

On our stop at the local Eric Kayser before visiting the Musee d’Orsay, I got a baguette sandwich with chicken, avocado, and tomato and a mini croissant. I didn’t try any of the pastries this trip, but that’s definitely something I’ll be looking to try the next time around!

The sandwich was very simple, tasty, and definitely filling, so this spot is a great option for a quick and easy meal.


If you’re looking for a real no-frills, tasty, and cheap sandwich, Mich’Sandwiches is definitely the place to go. This is a super small open-air corner shop in Saint-Michel that offers both cold sandwiches and hot panini sandwiches, and serves crepes as well. You have your choice among different meats and cheese, and each sandwich is large and about $4-$5 each. This place is definitely an economical choice and well worth the cost.

I ordered the Jambon panini and loved every bite of it. Another plus is that it’s right by the Seine, so you can go and enjoy your sandwich there!

And there we have it, folks: a trip to Paris as told by my tummy. But wait, there’s actually one more food spot left that I’ve saved for a post all its own! We simply could not take a trip to Paris without finding our way to a Michelin-star French restaurant, now could we? I hope this post as satisfied your appetite, but make sure you leave some room for what’s coming soon!

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