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Quote of the Week: "4 ounces Can Move 1000 Pounds"

You’re probably already aware of this, but the live-action Mulan film, which has been delayed for months due to Covid-19, was finally released on Disney+ under premier access (which costs an additional $30 in the United States). In the film, we witness through the actions of the troops as they prepare for war, and when they are facing the Rourans, that there are different ways to wield strength. This sentiment, the belief in chi and harnessing and commanding energy, is an essential element of Chinese culture and martial arts. And while the film itself gave chi some debatably “force-like” attributes, it still holds true in the fundamental expression, “4 ounces can move 1000 pounds.”

The very core of this ideal lies in the belief that true strength doesn’t come simply from physical braun. And I believe that this not only applies to a physical strength, but a mental one also. The ability to withstand the toughest of times and the most trying of obstacles doesn’t lie in some apparent or visible strength, but rather something from within that shines through to help see you through your struggles. Another distinction that’s an important aspect is the difference between leading and moving. When simply trying to move something with pure force, you’re likely to face resistance that would make your goal more difficult to achieve. But by recognizing and utilizing the ability to lead, you can find a way to face less opposition.

I was able to witness this inner strength first-hand from my own mother growing up. While on the outside she may seem delicate, she was met with a world of hurt and handled it with the utmost grace. I learned from her that anyone can accomplish anything, no matter the challenges put before them. That you didn’t need physical strength, wealth, or anything else to move mountains. Though I could not even imagine the sacrifices she had to make to raise a whole family on her own, she did it nonetheless with no complaints and love and wisdom to bat.

So when you’re facing your own struggles and having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, remember that four ounces really can move a thousand pounds, and that you are capable of making that happen.

At this point there was a short remission in dishes as we were finishing up our plates. And during this short break, a server actually came out to our table to present us with the duck that they were going to be serving us in a short while.

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