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Quote of the Week: "It All Started With a Mouse"

Whether you’re a Disney lover or non-Disney lover, you’re likely to have run into this quote at least once before: “It All Started With a Mouse

If you’re a Disney lover or Walt Disney admirer, this quote is sure to give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings associated with hearing anything about Disney or anything referring to our beloved Mickey Mouse. But the thing I love most about this quote is that it’s a reminder that we all start from humble beginnings.

Walt Disney and the Disney franchise is huge and widespread and a complete mega-giant in the entertainment industry. It’s a part of all of our homes in one way or another because of how relatable and far-reaching its content is, but when you stop and think about where it started, about how this all started with one man and his love for animation, it is truly something else to behold. I never really did stop to think about how this all began because like many people in my generation, I grew up with a Disney that was already iconic. I didn’t live through the era when the thought of a feature-length animated film was a joke to be laughed at, and how lucky am I that I get to take advantage of that. But it’s important to remember that even visionaries like Walt Disney, who we’ve come to admire and respect, faced adversity and obstacles to build the empire that we only wish he could see today. And after all his fame and fortune, Walt’s recognition of his own beginnings should encourage us all, no matter how far we go, to take stock of where we came from and what it took to get us there.

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