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Quote of the Week: "Keep Moving Forward"

Meet the Robinsons is a beautiful, heartfelt film about acceptance, belonging, and forgiveness, but the main takeaway from all of the events and emotions that fill your heart as you watch this movie is the ultimate quote from Lewis Robinson (but actually Walt Disney): “Keep moving forward.”

This is something that’s super relevant and timely given the times we’re experiencing right now. From the rampant virus that’s physically isolating us from our friends and loved ones to the engorging fires that are threatening the safety of our homes (here in the Bay Area), to all the other struggles we are facing individually, there’s a lot going on around us that can be debilitating and discouraging.

But we can choose to approach our difficulties like Goob, letting it bring us down and making us cynical towards the world, or we can approach it like Lewis, viewing our challenges as problems to find solutions for!

Lewis’s story revolves around his identity as an orphan in search of a family to love him and accept him. In his many attempts to ingratiate himself to potential parents, he ends up chasing them away because of his eccentric nature and less-than-successful inventions. But after a wild adventure involving time travel, frogs, and evil bowling hats, Lewis finds that there are people like him in the world, that he can find a family and find a place for him in the world.

And while we can’t all be like Lewis and travel to the future to see the results of our decisions and actions, I think that witnessing the journey he went through serves as a lesson that as long as we keep moving forward we will create our own bright and hopeful future.

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