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Quote of the Week: "Let it Go"

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I think people generally fall into one of two camps when they hear this quote: they’ll either roll their eyes (like Elsa in Frozen 2) or they’ll belt out the melody at the top of their lungs (like Elsa in Frozen). But no matter the reaction, I think the sentiment is one worth diving into.

As individuals, we each have unique struggles that impact our lives in different ways, and some of those things are self-inflicted. I personally live with a lot of shame, and I’ve come to recognize this over many years. Shame of what? I’m still not quite sure. I live in fear that I’m going to say the wrong thing and or have an unpopular opinion, and those around me will judge me, see me as less than, think of me differently...the potential ramifications are endless. I have little to no confidence in myself or my opinions, so if those ever come under attack, I’ll be the first to abandon ship and seek out safer, more common, waters.

The beauty of recognizing this shortcoming within myself, acknowledging that I hold back my opinions until I get external confirmation that it’s okay to feel the way I do, is that I can strive to do something about it. I can choose, and I can try, to let it go. With every passing day, I like to think that I’m easing up on myself, allowing myself to commit, to acknowledge, to accept, that I think a certain thing or feel a certain way. Sometimes I’ll fallback, sometimes I’ll falter, but ultimately I’m always moving forward. I’m loosening the grip on my self-restraint so that hopefully, one day, I can truly let go of the shame that eats away at me, the hesitance that holds me back, the fear that grasps at me and holds on tight.

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