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Quote of the Week: "Practically Perfect in Every Way"

In our current climate, it’s not uncommon for us to be spending an inordinate amount of time on social media. As a result, whether or we like it or not, we might find ourselves comparing the lives we lead to those of people we follow. And the common thoughts that might run through our heads as we scroll through a beautifully curated feed, is that these people must be “practically perfect in every way.”

But I’m here to tell you that so. are. you. The thing about our online presence is that most of it is voluntary. Whether we’re writing a blog, posting pictures, or sharing videos, these pieces of our lives that we willingly put online are done consciously. So for the most part, what you see from someone else is pretty much what they want you to see; it’s them putting their best foot forward. So what we get is screens and minds full of beautiful photos, happy smiles, and never-ending adventures. What we don’t hear or see a lot of are the struggles, the mundane, the average. But those not-so-pretty pieces of our lives are just as practically perfect as the rest of us.

So get out that Mary Poppins measuring tape and take a reading. Because I’m sure it’ll show that you’re practically perfect in every way

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