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Quote of the Week: "You Got a Friend in Me"

If there’s one thing I love about Toy Story, it’s the camaraderie among all the toys. They band together in times of need and do what it takes to help each other and protect their kid (whomever that kid is). And even though they often get separated or have to face difficult challenges, they are and always will be connected.

And that’s why “You Got a Friend in Me” is our featured quote this week! Because it’s all about community, and community is timeless! Whether we’re under shelter-in-place or just bogged down with our daily lives and can’t find the time or space to connect with our loved ones, we should always remember that our community is behind us. I believe that we all can find a place where we belong, and once we find that beautiful space, we can exist comfortably and unapologetically. Sometimes it could take us a while or it may be difficult to find it, but I think there’s somewhere for everyone! It could be a club you join, a community center you visit, or even an online community where you can interact with people who share your interests (like the awesome Disney community I’m a part of on Instagram!)

I’ll admit, I’ve had a hard time finding that community for me, but I do believe it’s something that I’ve always been searching for. At a young age, I often spent a lot of time alone and I think I craved acceptance and acknowledgement from others, seeking comfort in online forums that raved over my favorite musicians. That was pretty short-lived as that forum eventually disbanded and I don’t believe I ever really put myself or my heart into interacting and being there for my fellow community members. Because part of being in a community and finding people you can depend on is showing up being a friend for others.

I have found such an amazing group of people in the Disney community who spread brightness and positivity and so much love and support for each other that it’s absolutely infectious! I love interacting with everyone I meet, learning from them, and returning their wonderful support.

For anyone out there who feels alone or who feels stuck, I hope that you can one day feel that you are not alone, because you always got a friend in me!

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